Carte de France. Cassini, César-François, 1714-1784. / | Library of Congress

Full Title: ((Composite of) Carte de France. Levee par ordre du Roy. (1750-1815)

Author: (Cassini, Cesar-Francois, 1714-1784); (Cassini family)

Date: 1750

The Carte de France was published by four generations of the Cassini family from 1750 to 1815. It consists of 182 sheets at the same scale, allowing the sheets to be joined together to form a physical map of about 39 feet high by 38 feet wide. It is rich both in historical cultural information and exquisite graphic art. The map was the first national survey completed systematically, relying on the latest science of its time. See for the entire 182 sheets published as an atlas.
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