MYP 3 - Renaissance, Exploration and Wealth – The Age of Global Interactions
KEY Concept – Change and continuity (what changed, what continued and was built upon with regard to what already existed).

Task - write an essay using your critical thinking skills. This will use much of your knowledge of the topic from the past few weeks on the subject of “Renaissance, Exploration and Wealth”.

To write the essay you will answer this question:

What can a comparison of two pairs of visual sources tell you about the emergence and impact of new ideas in this period of human history (Medieval to Renaissance times)?

Answer this question with reference to one or two pairs of contrasting sources from the course booklet (pages 10 & 11) and a pair of paintings from pages 15-17. Or use other pairs of sources that interest you from the course booklet/wiki.

Assessment -

Criterion A Knowledge and Understanding

Criterion C - Thinking Critically

Material that will help you:

  • Refer back to the comparisons you made of the two pairs of sources when we did the whole class writing assignment. Use this as your model to write your essay.
  • Use class notes.
  • Refer back to the Q/A John Green ‘Crash Course’ about the Renaissance and the new ideas that emerged in this dynamic period of human history.
  • You also need to use your individual work on the comparison of the sources (you will use some of your thinking from this work but your answer will not be a repetition as such).

Some of the concepts you used in your mind maps and have learnt about will also help you to structure your answer and think critically:

  • Humanism
  • Empire
  • Renaissance/re-birth (Greece and Rome)
  • legacy
  • city-state
  • patronage
  • trade (imports and exports of goods as well as the exchange of ideas)
  • travel and exploration
  • evolution
  • revolution
  • wealth
  • religion (and faith)
  • raw materials (e.. Alum used for dying cloth)
  • monopoly
  • science and medicine (autopsy, dissection)
  • astronomy and a developing knowledge of the structure of the solar system (heliocentric view based on the theories of Copernicus and expanded by Galileo).

Your essay structure should look like this:

Introductory paragraph (short - about three good quality sentences) to introduce the whole notion of changing ideas, and increased knowledge and understanding that occurred over the centuries that historians categorise as the Medieval and Renaissance periods of human history.
Paragraphs 1 & 2 will contain your comparison (using critical analysis) of the first pair of sources you have chosen. Choose a matching pair e.g. the image of a monk writing in the scriptorium or the image of the printing workshop where men are creating many books using the new printing techniques.
Linking sentence - this will link the two pairs of sources (and your first and second half of the essay) by using a general comment to lead from your discourse about the first pair of sources into the second part of your essay. As always you need to link these to the over-arching essay question and the bigger picture of continuity (what stayed the same or was built upon) and change between these periods of history.
Paragraphs 3 & 4 will be a comparison of a pair of paintings from the medieval and Renaissance using your skills (as above). If you prefer you can use other pairs of sources from the course booklet and the wiki such as the maps or the anatomical drawings in the section on Science and Medicine.
Concluding paragraph will be a synthesis of the ideas presented in your discourse and NOT a summary of everything you have already written about. We will practice this skill in class.
Proof read and use the checklist before you hand the assignment in.