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Sir Walter Raleigh was an English aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, spy, and explorer. He is also well known for popularizing tobacco in England. Wikipedia

Born: January 22, 1552, Devon, United Kingdom

Died: October 29, 1618, London, United Kingdom
Full name: Walter Raleigh
Spouse: Elizabeth Raleigh (m. 1591–1618)
Siblings: Humphrey Gilbert, Carew Raleigh, Adrian Gilbert, John Gilbert
Children: Carew Raleigh, Damerei Raleigh, Walter Raleigh

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Like his contemporary Sir Francis Drake, Raleigh held a contempt and loathing for the Spanish that he possessed from an early age. Unlike Drake however, Raleigh found himself deeply embroiled in court and royal politics that would ultimately restrict his ability for travel, exploration and adventure. A believer in the legend of El Dorado, Raleigh repeatedly travelled to South America in a bid for colonisation for his queen, trade routes for his country, and untold riches and fame for himself. Dramatised 'eye-witness' accounts, reconstructions and period imagery help to convey the tale of one of England's greatest heroes. Narrated by Michael Leighton